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We want to  give you a smooth online shopping journey with detailed product descriptions. It’s time to bring ideas to life and  make online shopping easier, more entertaining and a lot more informative.

We Specialise in Biodegradable & Compostable Disposables Multi-purpose Bamboo products that can be used for differents walks of life for example BBQ and Food preparation or presentation, Kitchen and cooking utensils to the living room.

All our products come with a Guarantee of Quality, Affordability, and Satisfaction.

Our friendly team are knowledgeable and have 20 years retail and omnichannel experience and are looking to make your experience sensational.When it comes to browsing and buying our products, we offer a world-class shopping experience You’ll know exactly what you’re getting. At checkout on mobile or desktop couldn’t be simpler, and you can even enjoy super-speedy, headache-free one-click purchasing with PayPal.

 Once you have purchased your products, we’ll send you an email so you can follow your packages via our online tracking service. We also offer easy, free returns and have a friendly and responsive customer support team.

But we don’t just sell innovative products, we listen too. You are a big part of what we truly are and want to be. We love to hear about exciting new product finds and we enjoy sharing your ideas and tips with our community. Care to join us?




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